We specialize in high quality model conifer trees, offering a variety of trees and ‘woodsy’ detail products so truly natural looking forest scenes can be created.

Charlie Comstock’s Bear Creek module in October 2000

Here are some more pictures taken on Charlie Comstock’s Bear Creek module in October 2000.
The foreground trees in these pictures are Canyon Creek Scenics products but some of the others were made by Charlie (following instructions from CCS). Check out how fog effects change the mood in some of the pictures.

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A little bit about us:

I decided back in 1996 to do it right, so I embraced conifer trees by observing them closely through all four seasons, taking photos of them, climbing them (Yup! That’s work for an artist! I have a lot of respect for loggers!), taking samples back to my studio to copy the colors of the bark, foliage, and lichen under indoor lighting so they would look as natural as possible. I still observe trees of all kinds and take photos whenever I travel to get ideas for my DeepWoods ™ creations. The results of my research I think show in the finished product(s).


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