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Canyon Creek Scenics DeepWoods™

For the most discriminating of modelers we feature a line of trees so real you’ll be sure you are in the DeepWoods™

When you have hundreds or thousands of hours invested in creating your railroad, super-detailing or scratch building motive power, rolling stock, and structures you deserve the very best in scenery.

Canyon Creek Scenics offers what we believe to be some of the best model trees made today. The DeepWoods™ series trees are all handmade and very photogenic requiring a great deal of time to produce. Not many are available.

Doesn’t your layout deserve trees to match the quality of your rolling stock and structures?

Options for the DeepWoods™ series include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Old-growth trees
  • Incredible trunk bark detail
  • Uneven trunk where lightening strikes have occured or part of the tree may have died
  • Curved trunks, snapped off trunks, split trunks, rotted trunks,
  • Multiple trunks
  • Trunks that died leaving behind a rotting stump
  • Windswept trunks

No two DeepWoods trees are exactly alike.