Canyon Creek Scenics is proud to offer a wide variety of trees for your layout. We offer healthy trees, dead trees, insect damaged trees, and burned trees. Douglas firs or cedars. Old trees and young trees, background trees, foreground trees and super-detailed DeepWoods™ trees in heights from 3″ to 24″.

Foreground Conifer Trees

Our foreground trees are realistic enough to be placed at the front edges of your layout. The level of detail is that good! Canyon Creek Scenics foreground trees will look great on your layout planted individually. But you’ll really say Wow! when they are clustered together!

Standard Features of Foreground Trees

  • Outstanding bark detail on their trunks
  • Naturally shaped foliage
  • Dead branches, lichen, and moss below the upper foliage for extra realism
  • Realistic colors for trunk and foliage
  • Robust construction. While we don’t suggest throwing our trees around the room,
  • They won’t fall apart if they get bumped – as trees may when used in the foreground!
  • Tree planting spike in the bottom of the trunk.