Forest Debris

Due to gravity, everything in a tree eventually falls to the ground, and over time the tree itself falls down to be recycled into renewed forest growth. Packed in 0.5 oz. bags, Our forest debris is made of the same materials and colors as the trees, ground up to be distributed on the forest floor beneath the tree.
*  Fir Tree Debris #512 matches the regular conifer trees.
*  Pine Tree Debris #514 goes with the cedar and insect damaged trees.
*  Weathered Cedar Debris #510 is real cedar stained to look old and can be scattered nearly everywhere trees grow. Woodland Scenics Green Blend ground foam can be glued on to larger pieces to resemble moss which looks great.
*  Course Cedar Debris #518, is the natural, fresh color that can be scattered as-is around where logging is happening.

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